Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Weight Training Soccer: Who Else Want To Do Power Development

You must be astonished to know, the importance of strength development for players, during the weight training soccer! This is because the ability to produce force in a short span of time with a view to accelerate the body is central to most sporting actions.

Power development encompasses avoidance of stress and quick reactions against any move. In soccer strength training, the load can be as light as the body weight or as heavy as up to 50 or even 60 percent of a one rep in any speed - strength exercise.

In order to take full advantage of the power output, two things are important in choosing the suitable exercises, drills, protocols and modalities. This includes the weight capacity which should be lighter as well as the procedure to act upon it.

During the fitness training, slowing down of responses, up to or less than 10% of optimal, results in significant power loss. In the case of release skills such as throwing a medicine ball or squat jumps, the power output can be striking and measurable.

Due to its nature, plyometric training techniques can develop strength and power. Every game has some kind of bounding, leaping, jumping, and shooting. Like, race competitions have jumps, running, hurdles, etc.

Exercise ball trainings are part of plyometric. For example; mediball bench press, crunch sit - ups with a flip, and twist toss. Exercise balls can help you in throwing and catching to move forward and backward, improving the movements. The extensive movements during the exercise ball help in improving the strength.

Fewer is more for weight training soccer drills; since it focuses more on movements thus improves strength and power. The objective is to achieve fitness, not to overburden one.

The rest period should be appropriately managed to repair the body losses during the exercise, providing players with the capability to work and rest with small periods.

The order of training is also vital in a day as well as within the week. During a soccer fitness program, alternate preparation, loose-up and build-up sessions add up to the power and strength. The warm-up session leads to actual exercises providing players with tips and training to attain maximum strength and power.

In any particular week, the order is speed first, and power second. Multiple schemes can be followed during concluding sessions keeping in mind the season, age of team members and the time allocated to complete the session.

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