Friday, June 4, 2010

Free Soccer Drills:A Guide To Designing Innovative Drills

It will be very difficult to have a useful coaching session without having any free soccer drills. The primary responsibility of the coach is to ensure that these drills are adequately included as part of the training session.

There are certain drills for which no equipments are needed by the players to perform them, they are listed below:

Control over the body: A very important skill in soccer is the ability of a player to control his or her body. When the player is tries to go through the opposition having the ball under his control, it’s essential to have control over his body.

You should make the players play an interesting game during the soccer practice session. Tails for the players can be made out either shirts or any other material which can be pushed back. Now their task is save their own tails at the same time they have to grab others tails.

During the initial few weeks the ball shouldn’t be used at all. Upon realization of the games relevance the players are allowed to use the ball. Apart from gaining better control over the body, these soccer coaching drill also make the player improve the ability of saving the ball.

Reaction and action: There is a free soccer drill which teaches the players to respond fast and effectively while dealing with the ball. The players should stand in a circle with their face not seeing the center of the circle. One of the players is chosen randomly and asked to stand in the center of the circle.

This player will randomly take a player's name and kick the ball at him or her. As fast as possible the player will turn around and control the ball that is being kicked towards him/her.

There are many benefits of such soccer exercises. The players will learn a lot of skills like learn to focus, organize and kick the ball efficiently.

Keeping the ball in the air: For this particular drill, you should stand in the middle of the circle while other players are surrounding you. One player will pass the ball to other players one at a time and that will ball will be passed around. The drill should ensure the ball is always in the air and not touching the ground.

The coach should ensure that during this drill no player uses his/her hand. The players can use only Knees, Feet or head during this drill, use of hand is not permissible. Gradual reduction in the number of players involved is allowed in this drill.

In short, apart from making your players learn new skills, these free soccer drills also make the player gain more control over their mind and body.

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  1. Drills are important part of soccer training. The drills should be able to bring out the necessary qualities of a soccer player such as speed, agility and endurance. It is in these drills that the players gain the qualities needed to be a great soccer player. Thanks a lot.

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