Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Free Soccer Training Drills: Killer Tips On 2 New Drills

It seems like every time you turn your head you see a new drill being added to the list of free soccer training drills. Now I would like to talk about the two football drills, called Defensive Stop and Musical balls.

The aim of Defensive Stop is that both the defensive player and goalkeeper to apply tackling skills in soccer drills. In addition to being a soccer defensive drill, it helps the offensive players hone their dribbling skills.

Various groups should be made with 3 players each. The offensive and the defensive players should have about 30-35 yards of distance between them. For Defensive Stop half of the field is used up. When the whistle blows, the ball is kicked towards the circle in the center where it is caught by the offensive player.

The ball is then dribbled by the offensive player towards the 18-yard line. Now as the offensive player has the possession of the ball he dribbles it for the goal, while the defender tries to get the control of the ball by slide-tacking. After the defensive player gains control of the ball the other two players in each group are required to perform the same activity.

In such a situation when the offensive player manages to bring the ball in the penalty area defeating the defender, the player then has to be confronted by the goalkeeper. Here, the offensive player is not permitted to shoot at the goal. A score can be made if he dribbles the ball above the goal line.

While Defensive Stop matches players should rehearse slide tackling while struggling with the offensive player and hence avoiding him to advance forward in coaching drills.

Musical Balls is another in the list of free soccer training drills that players enjoy a lot. By struggling to prevent the other players from getting possession of the ball their speed improves. They also practice quick control and positioning of the ball in a safe spot. 5 players from each group and 4 balls are used in this drill. All 5 of these players line up on the 6-yard line. Four balls are placed in front of the center circle.

As soon as you blow the whistle, players battle to control one of the balls. If a player is unable to get the ball, he tries to take is away from anyone of the other players who are now dribbling in the field. Play is restricted to just one half of the field. The drill can remain for one minute or until the coach calls off the match.

When playing Musical Balls the players should learn the technique to get the ball away from the pressure dribbling it faraway and as fast as he can. Players should not be encouraged to waste much of their efforts following the dribbler waiting for him to flaw. The player should not be disappointed being without a ball, as he should be comfortable with such a situation if it may show up.

You should surely use these free soccer training drills and you would notice how the simplicity of them impresses your players as they don’t know what skills they are building. You should consider joining our youth soccer coaching society for more drills and practices it also has thousands of relevant articles, videos and periodic newsletters.

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