Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Free Soccer Drills: Want To Learn Heading

Did you realize that the most effective way to change the direction of the ball traveling in air during free soccer drills is by heading the ball. Let me demonstrate to you through some drill the correct approach in properly heading the ball.

Soccer coaching sessions should teach the players to time their head movement with the onset of the ball. The head must be moving forward as it strikes the ball.

1.Head out of hands: One ball and few cones are given to a player during this drill. Initially the players hold the ball in their hands and then proceed to knock the ball out by heading the ball. At no point, the players should move their ball to their head. The ball should be fixed, and they can move their head only.

Then set up the cones and tell the players to head the ball to a specific location. This teaches proper heading techniques and accuracy for using the head to redirect the ball.

2.Heading while standing: One ball and two players are used in this drill. Player A should throw the ball directly to player B. The second player should use the previously learnt technique to pass the ball back to the first player.

During soccer exercises, just make sure that the person heading the ball moves his head back and is going forward when he strikes the ball. The main objective of this drill to teach the player’s the technique to redirect the ball using their head.

3.Life and Head: We require a goal keeper, a goal, players divided into two groups, and many balls to practice this drill. The players are formed into two teams, defending their goal. Only one group has the access to the balls. First player in this group rolls and lifts the ball towards the center of the field in front of the goalkeeper.

A player from the opponent team heads the ball towards the goals by coming forward. The goalkeeper tries to stop the ball from entering the goal. The above activities should be part of the free soccer drills so that the players are trained to run towards the ball while subdued adjustments are made for the location. It also teaches them to head while on the move.

4.Heading with 4 players: For this soccer practice we need 4 players and 1 ball during this drill. On both the sides, the player having the ball is surrounded by two players facing him.

The person having the ball throws the ball to the player on his right side so that he will head to the opposite person. This drill amplifies the movement of the body and develops the timing to redirect the ball at a 90 degree angle.

It will be more effective if we can include free soccer drills that teach the players to head direct and time the players to move and field, catch or knock away the live balls.

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