Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Weight Training Soccer: 5 Ways To Achieve Power Development

Have you ever thought that why it is significant for players to develop strength during the weight training soccer? This is because the ability to produce force in a short span of time with a view to accelerate the body is central to most sporting actions.

Power development entails some load resistance and a lot of speed of movement. During soccer strength training, in speed-strength practice, weight load can vary between the body weights to around 50 to 60 percent for one go.

There are two key elements of a selected drill that should not be missed out, if you want to take full benefit of it. First is the load that should not be heavy while the other is the technique required to carry on it.

Strength loss may be observed if, during any fitness training program, response to the movements becomes less than 10%. Amazing power output can be achieved, during the release skills exercises like fitness ball or squat jumps.

By its very nature, any type of plyometric training is power development. Skipping, bouncing, leaping, and pitching are in themselves exercises and are all parts of a game in one or another form. Like, race competitions have jumps, running, hurdles, etc.

Exercise ball trainings are part of plyometric. Since, exercise balls have bench press, crunch sit-ups, twisting etc. The tossing part of medicine ball improves movements. The extensive movements during the exercise ball help in improving the strength.

Fewer is more for weight training soccer drills; since it focuses more on movements thus improves strength and power. Rule is to get strength having good health; it is not to exert the players wasting their power.

For each exercise, work and rest ratio should be maintained, rest being a bit longer, in order to provide players with maximum time to regain the energy lost during a session.

Adjustment in training schedule is crucial both day-wise and for week-wise. In a soccer fitness workout, the order is warm - up, loosen - up and build - up to generate speed. These types of warm-up exercises are very helpful in skill improvement as well as increasing the strength.

For each specific week, work to get maximum speed followed by power and strength. Guidelines can be defined according to the season in a year, players’ age and time specified to complete the training.

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