Thursday, June 17, 2010

Soccer Coaching:6 Things You Must Know

You may have learnt from people several times that there are different ways wwork for different players in youth soccer coaching. It is necessary that you include a variety of ways in your soccer training sessions if you want to see your players performing at optimum levels.

The skill of coaching youth soccer requires great enthusiasm and in large quantities. It's probably one of the most important quality of a successful coach. Kids will listen to you only if you are a skilled leader.

Some kids find learning dull, some are not bothered about winning, and some can't remember what goal they are moving towards. But what connects them is the desire to have lots of fun and play the game.

Think first: Think about why you want to become a soccer coach and what objective do you wish to achieve from your soccer drills and training sessions.

Gain respect and trust: You have the responsibility of your team and are a role model for the players. If you follow high standards, the children will follow you. Therefore, be eager about soccer and focus on making drills fun.

Praise and Criticism: You need to be patient with your kids. You will definitely be more respected if you give enough recognition to their efforts rather than just pointing out issues. Your body language, smile and positive gestures will help them stay motivated.

It is also important that you tell them of their poor performance but in careful words. Shouting on them in the middle of the field does not work and many parents watching may not like it. Hence, soccer coaching needs you to be consistent, set attainable goals and provide lots of feedback.

Get the knowledge: Attempt the soccer drills yourself to see if they are too difficult or too easy. If you know the techniques required to teach effectively, you will be able to pass them on. It is a whole lot easier to teach by providing demo rather than just using the words.

Warm-up drills and warm-down drills: Make certain that the players do adequate stretching both before and after the match. As a coach, you must be aware of how the body responds to training and how injuries are avoided.

You must know that the players are also humans and that some of them may respond to training at a slow rate than others. But it doesn't suggest they are not as good. It is you who must adapt to their pace than the opposite.

Ensure that you have ample equipment for the entire group. Kids hate it when they are told to stay out. So, avoid drills that make them sit out.

Trust me, when you apply these tips to your soccer coaching, your team will reach the pinnacle of success both in practice as well as real matches. You will find loads of such useful tips and knowledge on our youth coaching community. So, enroll today and get the best out of your players.

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