Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Killer Tips On Weight Training Soccer

Let me ask you a simple question. How can weight training soccer help soccer players to become complete, well-rounded players, capable of performing a variety of athletic activities?

The benefit of soccer strength training is not only to provide the players with the necessary skills and strength but also help them to keep them intact for the entire session of the play. The list comprises of quickness, skills, stamina and power.

Keep fit and enhance stamina with practices defined in fitness training as well as become a skillful player of soccer.

To impart muscular power and strength, practice with plyometric power jumps that consumes rapid activities. This exercise then boosts the alertness, vigilance, performance and synchronization of the players.

Teach your players to begin by standing upright, and then gradually lower their body into a semi-squat position. A quick powerful high jump is the next step of this practice. When jumping, give a push to your chest with your curved knees, to get extra power and strength. Do the same jumping practice, without having rest once you fall.

This should be repeated one after another. To gain more power and strengthen your leg muscles, repeat the same jumping exercise 10 to 30 times in one go. All these qualities are very helpful in trying to defend the ball against opponents and in scoring goals.

One more similar practice in weight training soccer is soccer ball leaps that involves quick movements and jumping over the soccer ball. Start with standing by the soccer ball. Start jumping from one side of the ball to another for 20-30 times in a row.

Each time they jump over the soccer ball, they should drive their knees toward the chest just as they did while performing the power jumps.

Slalom Sprints: This is one soccer fitness exercise that develops player’s leg strength while promoting ball handling skills. Two parallel lines of cones should be prepared in such a way that each line would have five to ten cones.

The cones must not be less than five feet apart, while the minimum distance between the two lines should be set up to 10 feet.

Tell them to begin at one end of the cone lines, dribbling the soccer ball as fast as they can around each cone. The movement should be in a crisscross way, changing over one line after the other. After all the cones are finished, players’ have to come back to the initial point making the same crisscross movement.

Circuit Training is another mixed exercise to strengthen the muscles and keeping the cardiovascular health. An entire circuit is done when all the given exercises are performed. For that matter, the team can work out the power jumps first, and then the soccer ball leaps succeeding others.

Although the weight training soccer program is small, but it is effective being selective in exercises as well as planned carefully. You are invited to become a member of our youth soccer coaching society to know more about such drills and exercises and benefit from the informative articles, newsletters, and videos.

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