Friday, June 18, 2010

Soccer Coaching: The Truth About Team Spirit

In youth soccer coaching, you may be realizing, especially if you are someone like me, the problems in accomplishing the goal of building teamwork. Like all team sports, you should know that soccer is also a team sport which is ruled by the combined efforts of all the players. Thus, when it comes to designing a soccer training program for young players, this is one of the most important factor to consider.

Players who have been tagged as stars of the team should be identified and should be given proper attention. Normally, they tend to be concerned only about their individual goals and overlook the team's objectives. With this problem it becomes very challenging for the team to go ahead and attain the team’s broader objectives.

So the question here is that what should be done to ensure that kids develop a sense of team spirit in them? To boost team spirit it is important that each player realizes that they are just a part of the larger group called the team. This shows that every player understands that their role is equally important to perform for the success of the team.

Therefore, rather than praising some of the particular ones, all the player’s performances should be complimented. While talking about the performances, the entire team as a whole should be held accountable for the failures, as well as given credit for the victories.

Then again, when the team fails to perform well, it should be taught to them that they mutually accept the blame. A particular player should not be held accountable and every player should know what their team’s weaknesses were and which of the soccer skills needs improvement.

Communication is essential in developing the sense of team spirit. Identify people that may have the intention to affect your player's spirit of togetherness by polluting their minds against one another within the team. Stand out and inform everyone of being aware of it, and you will not tolerate this kind of act.

Better to keep in touch with each of the team member personally, enabling them to discuss any issue with respect to the team performance.

This is essentially the key point of soccer coaching to keep the entire team interactive, and no one should be ignored. Team spirit can be boosted and feeling of belongingness can be developed among the players, by arranging soccer drills and games.

Appreciate creativity in kid as much as they can come up with. Give them an interesting and productive activity, before or after the training session that not only keeps them together but also keeps them motivated throughout. E.g., team badges or t-shirts work as a bond between the team members.

You’ll be amazed to realize the sense of belongingness amongst them, when you find them wearing team badges or t-shirts even when they are not playing.

Your training plan should incorporate these soccer coaching guidelines, in order to get the maximum benefit of these points. The advantage to subscribe the youth coaching community is to enable yourself to find the possibilities of your player to perform at their best as an individual or as a team member.

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