Thursday, May 20, 2010

Youth Soccer Drills:3 Ways To Win Midfield Battle

I know you would have your own opinion on this one but I believe that a lot of games are won in the midfield encounters. In players fail to perform youth soccer drills aimed at developing their capacity to get the ball at the midfield, they’ll not be bale to go move forward with the ball.

In youth soccer practice, if your players tend to always lose the ball at midfield, then it means your players are on defense all of the time. At this time, it is the opposite team that ends up making points.

In training, it’s of great significance to get the possession of the ball. After players have got the ball, give them time to practice dribbling it towards the open spaces, away from their opponents. They will therefore learn the art of finding a way out of traffic. After learning this technique, teach them to move the ball by way of quick passes.

It is best to have the other team running after the ball.

They can succeed in keeping up with the player dribbling the ball, but it’s not possible to match the ball’s pace, when passed. Involve the entire team, at the time to practicing ball passing. The right person to pass the ball is the one who is closest and ready to take the pass. Besides, they should keep varying the direction of the ball.

Train them to keep moving the ball around with the intention that the players in the opposite team also move about with that. In kids soccer drills, don’t pass the ball just backward or forward.

When executing youth soccer drills, the other players will just move with the ball without any sense of where it is going. Hence, they will never be able to produce sufficient defense.

The players must be forceful if they are to take the ball from the other team. They must go after the player with the ball so your team can get its possession. Once your players have got the ball, they should stay on the attack, but now as offense.

Similar to defense, in youth soccer coaching, when the team gets offensive, the entire team does the same. It is not sufficient to just have a solid defense. It is equally critical that your players can tear apart the opposition’s defense so that the team can score.

This can be made possible by teaching your players techniques that are not similar to the ones used in defense.

Your players should keep moving and keep the other team's defense uneven. So it is vital that your offense is moving. Moving the ball constantly throws off the defense, and this is what you should aim at.

Your team should command the situation in the game so well that the other team has no option but to only react to your actions.

Always remember this. Every player in the team should be able to complement the effort of the other while performing youth soccer drills.

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