Monday, May 17, 2010

Youth Soccer Drills: A Guide To Shooting Instructions

Just imagine what would happen if your players are not able to shoot the ball properly? Shooting is needed to score a goal. Shooting drills and instructions must therefore be incorporated in youth soccer drills to prepare kids to contend in a match.

Like always, teach them the basics first. When kids soccer drills include shooting, the players should be taught to shoot the ball promptly without a pause. Teach them the skill of shooting the ball past the goalkeeper. When shooting the ball, put the entire body weight into the kick. Once shot, the player should be keep an eye on the ball and move in that direction hoping to get another shoot.

The players will find it really difficult to kick the ball accurately with their ball and should therefore not attempt it. If they kick the ball using the toe and that too right in the center, the ball will go straight.

In the same way, if at all the ball is kicked is to the right of center of the toe, the ball will go right and likewise for left.

Five-Ball Kick shooting drill as a part of youth soccer drills: You need five balls, a goal, a goalkeeper, and cones to perform this. Make two teams out of all the players, i.e. team A and team B. In youth soccer practice, this drill can be performed by placing five cones in a straight line across the outer line of the penalty box. These cones relate to the places where the ball must be placed.

Now players should attempt to shoot the ball into the goalpost. If the players are kicking with their right foot, the balls should be on the left side of the cones and vice versa. Involve team A in kicking the balls and team B in collecting and replacing them. Place the balls so that the players are bound to take a few steps between the kicks.

Every player should aim to hit 5 balls at the goal with stopping between the kicks. Every goal scored is a point. Now take turns and have team B kick the ball and team A gather them. When team B has finished, team A can start all over again with the opposite foot.

The team that scores the most points is the winner. This drill in youth soccer coaching especially teaches the players to shoot and trace the location of the goals. It also requires them to shoot quickly and teaches to use both the feet.

Your next step: to take what you've just learned and make your players practice it by including it in the youth soccer drills for coaching kids.

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