Monday, May 10, 2010

Coaching High School Soccer: Secrets Revealed

You may not believe it but it’s true that in coaching high school soccer, mind is the most dominant device that a soccer player can have. Successful players are the ones who show total control of mind and body.

It is through the process of visualization that players can train their minds to develop a self portrait. It is done by using all the senses to restructure or generate an experience in the mind. Greatest rewards of learning are experienced when it is a blend of visualization. It involves mental rehearsal of the action and thus training the mind, and physical practice i.e. training the body.

Including visualization in soccer coaching has the benefit of resolving certain issues troubling the players. This mental skill allows the player to imagine him or herself in the middle of the field playing soccer. It involves feeling, seeing, hearing, and even smelling the accomplishment.

The important part here is that a positive image of this scenario lives inside the memory of a player. And the player has a sketch ready to recall anytime a situation like this comes up. What's more, by having something to rely on, the player will not unnecessarily get stressed in any situation.

When it comes to coaching youth soccer, the images will become more accurate when the player keeps practicing visualization. It’ll boost player’s confidence significantly when the images they draw become clearer and their emotional support more influential.

When any player suffers an injury, he feels isolated from the team, the motivation, excitement, and misses a feeling of belongingness. This has a deep psychological impact on their minds. The coach again comes into picture here as he cheers the player to think about the injury and rehabilitation in a positive manner.

In coaching high school soccer, help the player understand the tactical shape of the team and his or her role within it. This will give them encouragement to do well. At the time of strategic changes, the coach can visualize his strategies to the team which may be of the form, “If this happens...then we will…”

All players feel stress. A successful player is the one who knows how to win over his or her stress. The method of visualization can be implemented for rehearsing opportunities on the players who are prone to stress.

In such type of situations, the players generally perceive the moments of probable tension and start instructing their mind in a negative manner. By reminding the player of his or her skills, previous achievements and strength of the team, a coach can change the negative mindset.

Normally, some situations occur in football coaching, where players generally play a spontaneous game. In situations like penalties, free kicks and corners, players have ample time to work out their strategy and therefore can rehearse their actions.

In order to revolutionize the methods of the players to envisage themselves and their situations optimistically and passionately, try implementing this while coaching high school soccer.

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