Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Truth About Coaching High School Soccer

Do you have any idea that the relationship a player shares with his coach is one of the most influential in boosting his self-confidence? A coach greatly affects player’s outlook whether positively or negatively while coaching high school soccer because he has maximum control over feedback, selection etc of players.

Not long ago, the coaches had a tendency to not show any concern with player’s feelings. They considered their job as just to bring about results. The only thought inside their mind was to win, no matter what. So the players were considered as dispensable by them. Modern coaches are moving more towards player orientation. They involve players in any challenge that comes in the way of them team.

When it comes to comes to coaching youth soccer, they adopt ways to enhance player’s confidence and performance. As per researchers, a coach plays an even more important role in influencing a player’s approach to the game when she is a female. This influence could be negative or positive, depending upon the coach. When compared with women, men are in a better position to remain motivated without an influential coach.

The coaches can help players acquire positive attitudes, and therefore confidence. Coaches do this when they provide opportunities to players to take part in situations specially created to boost player’s motivation to handle tough scenarios. For a variety of reasons, great coaches do make great story tellers. By engaging them in positive dreams of achievement during soccer coaching, they can inspire players.

However, it is natural for the coach to criticize also at times when the players do not meet a certain criteria but when it is done in an amicable way, it does hurt the pride of the players.

In developing a style that boosts players self esteem and confidence, coaches practice coaching high school soccer by checking their present strategies with the following guidelines.

Make learning fun and challenging: When players enjoy coming to training, the coach can use humor as an excellent start to boosting confidence levels. Finally, when the session is about to end, make the kids play another fun game so that they leave the ground happy.

Respect the players: During football coaching, one should know and use every players name and treat all players with respect. Ensure that every player gets special attention for their unique needs. You must be patient and understand that at times the best way forward is to give the players some space.

Reward the performers: It goes to the credit of the coach that he not only rewards excellent performers but also helps them improve their mistakes.

Keep things simple: Aim to be a good game coach and not just a practice coach. If the coach lacks the foresight, it becomes difficult for the players to play with confidence. Over-sensitivity and emotional responses can destroy confidence of the players which is difficult to regain.

Therefore, when coaching high school soccer, keep the agenda of the training open that encourages players to talk, share their feelings and release the tension.

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