Monday, May 3, 2010

Coaching Soccer Drills: 10 Sure-Fire Tips To Coach Kids

Have you ever imagined that being a soccer coach requires much more than simply coaching soccer drills to kids? If your answer is no, there's a lot that you need to understand and learn. Become a lot more organized and make sure that all the details relating to the practice sessions is taken care of in advance.

Let me share with you a few ideas that'll help in making your job somewhat easier.

Meet the Parents: All parents like to know about the attitude of their kid’s soccer coach and his values in relation to the game. When they know who you are both as a person and as a coach, they will support you fully in the development of your kid.

Delegate responsibility: It’s a fact that the activity of coaching drills needs other people’s involvement other that you. This help from outside will provide you a lot more time and energy to invest in organizing your practice sessions. By involving the kid’s parents in doing simple tasks on the field, everything during the practice games can be taken care of in an easy manner.

Invite parents to help at practice: Attentive and helpful parents prove to be an invaluable asset during the soccer practice. They tend to organize the players that are divided into small groups by making them aware of the tips given during the practice matches.

Volunteer to answer questions from the parents: Deliver information sheets to the parents so that they can understand the basic rules of soccer. Let them know that the referees are pretty approachable and are usually quite happy to discuss and explain their decisions after the game.

Utilize a teaching grid: In teaching soccer, it is a nice little tool. A grid is a set of adjoining squares within which the players play. As an example, a 10 yards by 10 yards grid. What it does very well is restricting the players from deviating from their respective positions while you are standing in the centre.

Arrange your practice sessions: Do not consider it less important to arrange the sessions in advance. In coaching soccer drills, spending a few minutes in organizing the session on paper will save valuable teaching time on the field. Consider the advantages that your team will have when once it has gone through the drills you have designed for them.

Allow the players ample time to play: Make sure that the players have ample time to practice the skills that they have learnt. Also, ensure that the session ends with a fun drill. After the session is over, make the kids relax and applaud their efforts.

It must be noted that you particularly praise the ones who try hard and not just the good players. Encourage players to work on their skills on their own during the week.

Your goal? To start utilizing these ideas to improve the standard of play and enhance the enjoyment of players.

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