Thursday, May 27, 2010

How To Coach Soccer:Discover 6 Powerful Ways

What if I ask you a simple question, how to coach soccer? A soccer coach is not someone who just teaches soccer skills. A soccer coach has to be hugely organized person. I have shared some suggestions about soccer coaching in the subsequent paragraphs for you to follow.

1. Stay in contact with the kids parents: It has the maximum pressure on a kid’s performance while on or off the field. Parents have a tendency to volunteer their time and services when they are sure of your capability and values as a soccer coach. Also, when you know the temperament and the expectations of kid’s parents, you'll be in a position to modify your style and conduct with them.

2. Learn the habit of delegating tasks: There are a lot of things that need to be taken care of in executing a training program that need time and energy. You can either take on the challenge of doing everything yourself or divide and entrust jobs that take a lot of time to kid’s parents and assistant coaches to manage. By doing this, you’ll save yourself valuable time to spend with players before and after practice.

3. Ensure your player's safety: It is necessary that your players wear the correct shin pads and proper socks and sneakers. Educate the parents about the right type of shoes, shin pads and socks necessary for players to wear. While in the field, safety of a player is coach's responsibility. And also when players do not get injured, their performance gets a boost.

4. Use a teaching grid: How to coach soccer is a way of life for a professional soccer coach. And the most useful organizational tool that a soccer coach can use is the teaching grid. Grid is nothing but a set of squares in which small groups of players practice. These drills do not allow the players to drift apart on the ground.

5. Always plan a practice session beforehand: Spare some time out to examine the results that you expect out of the practice session. Select drills, identify players, and ensure availability of stuff required to carry out drills in advance. When teaching soccer, it works best to have a detailed plan to avoid wasting any time on the field.

6. Allow sufficient time to players for practice: The more the players practice their soccer skills, the better player they'll become. And they get trained quickly. As and when you get time, introduce a fun drill to end the session so that the players enjoy the finishing drill.

However, the most important decision that youth soccer coaches can make is to improve the standard of play and enhance the player's enjoyment. This becomes likely only when the players are treated with care and respect.

How to coach soccer is a question with no absolute answers. It is a perfect blend of various aspects of the game coming together to fit the demands of a situation, player's level, and intended results. If you are more interested in having more information on coaching high school soccer, subscribe to our youth soccer coaching community and you’ll get numerous articles, videos, and newsletters on the same.

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