Thursday, July 1, 2010

4 Simple Steps To Weight Training Soccer

Here are some simple tricks to answer your question regarding the players achieving utmost performance, strength and power, utilizing the weight training soccer program.

The benefit of soccer strength training is not only to provide the players with the necessary skills and strength but also help them to keep them intact for the entire session of the play. Apt response, quick decision, power and stamina are key points of this training.

Keep fit and enhance stamina with practices defined in fitness training as well as become a skillful player of soccer.

Speed and agility are two factors of plyometric exercises, that strengthen players’ muscles and provide them with power and stamina. In return, players are gain more speed, quickness, responsiveness and coordination.

Teach your players to begin by standing upright, and then gradually lower their body into a semi-squat position. Then make a quick, powerful jump as high as possible. Thrusting your chest with bent knees will exert more resistance and power when you are in jumping position. Consecutive jumping without taking rest will help you improve the power and strength.

This should be repeated one after another. Performing about 10 to 30 power jumps will greatly develop a soccer player's leg strength. The extensive exercise will certainly improve your ability to save the goal from the opposite team while making proper movements to achieve goals.

Soccer Ball Leaps: When it comes to weight training soccer, this exercise is another variation of a plyometric movement that entails quick, powerful jumps over a soccer ball. To perform this, place a soccer ball near you. Start jumping from one side of the ball to another for 20-30 times in a row.

Just like power jump exercise, push your knees towards the chest on each jump.

Slalom Sprints: This is one soccer fitness exercise that develops player’s leg strength while promoting ball handling skills. Two parallel lines of cones should be prepared in such a way that each line would have five to ten cones.

The cones must not be less than five feet apart, while the minimum distance between the two lines should be set up to 10 feet.

Ask the players to move the ball along the cone lines as quick as they can. The ball should be moved by crossing one cone of each line one by one. Once they reach to the finishing point, ask them to come back to the starting point doing the same movement of ball.

Moreover, another blend of resistance and intense exercise is Circuit Training enables your players to improve the muscle power as well as cardiovascular aptness. This is accomplished once all the exercises are concluded. As to start the drill with power jumps, succeeding the soccer ball leaps followed by other practices.

Although the weight training soccer program is small, but it is effective being selective in exercises as well as planned carefully. You should consider joining our youth soccer coaching society to know more about such drills and exercises and benefit from the informative articles, newsletters, and videos.

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