Friday, July 9, 2010

Soccer Training Tips: Discover Aerobics

When it comes to soccer training tips, fast-paced workouts like stair climbing and running, along with core and leg exercises help a soccer player to get and stay in the best shape. To compete in top physical form, soccer player's training regimen should include the following aspects of an aerobic session.

Stamina: The best exercise to build stamina is running that that soccer players can easily perform. By running back and forth on the field, an average player covers approximately eight miles. The player may do so by jogging, walking, sprinting, and running.

The best strength training for soccer requires kids to run all out with great speed for approximately 20 to 40 minutes, three to four times a week.

Well-trained soccer players run at just about 90 percent of their heart rate capacity for the 30 to 90 minutes they spend in play. Though your players should push themselves to their limit, but they should not overwork their bodies and risk injury.

Weariness: Of all the objectives of aerobic training, the most important tip for soccer players is to avoid fatigue. The same amount of speed, power, and energy is needed by players both at the end of the match and also in the opening. When players make the best and optimum use of their body, fatigue is greatly reduced.

While running, players should keep their arms loose at the sides and bend a little forward. They should keep the body straight and moving while taking long strides. Try and make your kids aerobic training routine interesting by training them in the water by way of swimming laps.

Speed: Besides increasing endurance and dexterity, soccer players require speed to win. When training for a game, extended and slow periods of running may cause the body to collapse; the moment power is turned on. This happens because the body gets into the mode of doing just the regular training exercises.

You can bring into play plyometric drills as one of the soccer training tips to make the players perform soccer drills that consist of fast moves while building muscles. Like stair climbing and alternating between short and long steps is a plyometric drill that helps in developing leg strength and speed.

Strength: As a coach, try to lay more emphasis on strength training when joining it together with your soccer training programs to perk up the players' overall game skill.

Strength training for players is not meant to build muscle mass that will get in the way of the player's agility. Instead strength needs to be built in the upper body and legs in order to support the stream of aerobic activity during the game.

Agility: Aerobic training and agility training must be aligned together to facilitate the soccer players in focusing and remaining straight while executing soccer skills in fast motion.

Drills that focus on player's agility have the effect of increasing coordination, foot movement and balance.

So this is what I suggest. Start using these soccer training tips to assist your players in maintaining a threshold right below their aerobic limit as they complete random drills and short sprints back and forth and sideways. For more such training tips and coaching skills, subscribe to our youth soccer coaching community and get access to thousands of videos.

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