Friday, April 2, 2010

Soccer Drills: 3 Sure-fire Tips To Teach Soccer

Hoping that you’re with me on this, it is well accepted that for any training session to be dynamic, it’s pertinent that the basics have been taught adequately to the players. It could be a simple warm up session, strengthening or stretching exercises with the emphasis on performing it in the right way.

Make use of the following instructions while conducting the soccer exercises and you will be able to get the most from your practice sessions.

Stretching exercises: Make it a point to use a soccer ball in maximum stretching exercises if not all. The idea is to make the kids get familiar with the ball and get used to practicing with it even in the very basic drills. This way the kids will get to know with the ball and learn to be in charge of its movements.

Obviously, no coach wants their kids to feel frightened to handle the ball, the moment it gets close to them. Therefore, make the kids feel easy while handling the ball. Other than stretching, you’ve got the option to initiate such exercises that also infuse a sense of excitement and fun. Don’t feel intimidated to initiate new techniques and let your creativity flow.

Strengthening exercises: Essentially, soccer is not a game of the strongest. Talking about soccer, the expression strength is frequently misinterpreted. Strength implies speed, endurance, agility, and stamina. It is not particularly a rough game but one in which some physical contact with players occurs.

Physical strength helps prevent injuries and refrain from challenges but is not the building block of the game. So make sure that there is a proper blend of soccer drills and exercises that result in building strength as discussed above.

A word of caution here; do not make the kids do these exercises before the skill drills. When the body is exhausted, it cannot appreciate or acquire skills.

Warm-up activities: In the beginning of soccer training, only juggling and stretching activities can warm up your players adequately. It does not require anything in addition. Once more, utilize soccer balls to perform these exercises.

2 reasons to stay away from relay races; Sprinting and scrambling activities can result in players getting cramps or suffering torn ligaments. Second, newly acquired skills in case of beginners can get lost if kids do a lot of racing.

Substitute it with taking them out on a round of the soccer field. This is a good team activity and has a lot of scope to introduce the fun element. Give the players targets to shoot at or even dribble the ball in-between. In just a few minutes, they’ll be ready for a more demanding session as they’ll get sufficiently warmed up and conditioned.

Make no mistake about it. There’s a lot of planning, diligence, and patience that goes in soccer training. Nonetheless, by way of these clever tips, the players can be well prepared for forthcoming training sessions.

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