Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Soccer Drills: Learn Kids Soccer

Ever imagined why it takes so much effort to set up soccer drills for young players under 12? This is for the reasons that the number of soccer exercises and drills are numerous that need to be taught to the kids. The result is utter confusion and messing up of things because of insufficient attention.

It’s a tried and tested trick to make sure that you there isn’t a downpour of lots of information on them. Their mind must focus on just one activity at any point in time. It works well too to segregate the players into various groups. Six-a-side is a soccer drill with the potential to keep the kids completely busy while they are playing soccer.

It not only helps you in improving the standard of the game but the kids also enjoy the game more.

Here, as you might know, there are only 6 players on either side in contrast to 11. This small edition of the game requires small fields by means of smaller goals. Nevertheless, even such soccer drills have the same set of rules that apply to a regular game.

20-30 minutes is the limit of a perfect soccer game that kids between 6-8 years of age should be made to play. This length can be stretched by about 10 minutes for kids in higher age groups. There are several good reasons to adopt this methodology in soccer training:

1. It is much more gripping due to the fact that the field is small and defenders are very few. Therefore the number of hits into the goal is more compared to a regular game.

2. Players involve themselves actively, as they get more chances to play with the ball. Mostly, the best players easily get the possession of the ball.

3. The players are encouraged to spend sufficient time and ample space to play with the ball in the soccer practice of this kind. It helps them in improving their soccer skills. Players also get benefited in learning to respect others team members and maintaining a good team spirit.

4. None as off-side is there. The law of offside cannot be expected to be understood by a seven or eight year old child. It is problematic for even the parents to understand it and sometimes for the coaches too.

5. This arrangement of the game is more flexible than any regular game, as it gives more chances of position interchange. For instance, defenders can move forward to hit for a goal on the other team. This helps in training the players dynamically rather than training them just for defending or attacking.

Players who are multi-skilled and play in different positions from an early age are more desirable.

So, there it is! You can try exploring the soccer drills that we discussed, if you have not earlier. By introducing these drills you will help your players in improving their skills considerably and that too with having fun while playing. To know more about the youth soccer, you are invited to join our youth soccer coaching community where you can find exciting and informative tips.

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