Saturday, July 10, 2010

Soccer Training Tips: Winning Tactics Uncovered

Here's a really simple way to improve your player's training experience and their performance for the upcoming season by following the soccer training tips discussed below in detail. No matter how old you are or what level of soccer you are playing, you can benefit from the information included in these tips.

Endurance training can reduce speed of the players: This is one of the best tip to perk up your player’s performance and speed. Most coaches are of the opinion that by practicing strength training tasks, players develop soccer skills that allow them to stay longer and perform better in the game. But it doesn’t work like that.

Studies reveal that, in reality, building up endurance can make slow down the players. It occurs due to the fact that the body develops the tendency to save a good amount of energy to cover up a long distance in future.

You therefore need to stop immediately in case your players are running long distances to prepare for the upcoming soccer season. Running and sprinting drills are such soccer drills that not only help players build endurance but also improve their sprinting and running speed too.

Have your kids exercise each leg separately: Soccer is primarily considered as a two leg sport by almost all coaches. It connotes using both legs simultaneously. But it doesn’t work like that. As the players cut and dribble down the field, they’ll cross over and use only one leg at a time.

Since this is the way that legs work throughout an entire game, one of the most important soccer training tips requires kids to exercise each of their legs separately.

To do this, teach players to perform single legged squats and other activities that separate one leg from the other. This will repeatedly lead to better performances during the game.

Strength training should be done right: Proper training of your kids will enhance their power, making it more powerful and targeted. Strength training is carried out in one of two ways; for volume or for intensity.

When you make your kids lift lighter weights for more repetitions, you are training for volume which will build bigger muscles. But soccer players need to be trained for intensity which will make them stronger and more powerful.

Keep in mind the technique: It’s essential to take into account the technique in training for soccer. Don’t make your kids lift 250 pounds just because they can, even if in the wrong way. For maximum results, use lower weights that permit the kids to do the exercise correctly in right way.

You can help your kid’s game become a lot more effective by training your players right and planning it well in advance.

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