Thursday, February 25, 2010

Soccer Practice : Who Else Want To Warmup And Stretch

It’s both the coaches and players that pay no heed to the fact that stretching and warming up in relation to soccer practice. You musk know the importance of a practice session in shaping a player’s career as a whole. Daily practicing soccer training drills is not sufficient.

Players need strength, flexibility, and endurance to stay alive in the game. So start every practice session with warm up followed by stretching. Later in the session, include games, drills, and any kind of technique teaching. In the end, kids should be taught game tactics.

Doing warm up and stretching exercises has two main objectives. It readies the body to take the strain of a tough sessions and relaxes the body after the session is over. Following are some drills that can be prove to be great stretching and warm up exercises.

1. Running in Formation: Make all team members run in this activity, two shoulder to shoulder and staying synchronized. This is a great team activity that develops stamina as well as instills team spirit among the kids. Besides, the opposition gets a signal that it’s going to be difficult for them to survive against you when they see you approaching them in a defined shape of people.

2. Follow the leader: This warm up comes from the family of soccer drills that allow the players to learn the art of dribbling with their heads up and tag along other team members. In this activity, every player should have a ball. Ask a senior player or assistant coach to take the lead with the ball and others must follow him. This player should make a lot of variations with the ball and the rest of the players should emulate.

3. Reaching out: In soccer practice, this is a well accepted and efficient stretching activity. Direct the players to stretch their legs apart towards left, right, and center. Afterwards, ask them to try touching their toes. To begin with, this may seem like a tough exercise but they will adjust to it soon.

4. Lift legs up behind: This is another stretching exercise that works the thighs up. While standing, the kids must fold one of their thighs and hold it for a specific time. Then it must be repeated with the left leg. It is important that the kids do not look below else they will lose their focus and balance.

Every practice must have an aim. As a coach, make the kids learn only 1 to 2 skills. Engineer drills that work towards developing the skills of the players while at the same time helping them warm up and stretch.

Being fit is vital. Remember that the team that wears out early is the one that loses. It is extremely important that every drill uses a soccer ball. Instruct the kids to run around the field while dribbling a ball.

Make a move and use these tips for soccer practice. Enroll for our youth soccer coaching community to get more tips, tricks, knowledge, and other youth soccer resources.

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