Friday, February 19, 2010

Kids Soccer Drills - Winning Tactics For Youth Soccer Coaching

It seems like every time you turn your head, there is someone to advice you on how to conduct kids soccer drills. You’re not the only one. Almost all coaches have to handle situations like these where they receive tips and tricks for free. The problem is that these tricks are unreliable and haven't been tested. So it becomes all the more irritating to hear such nonsense.

Youth soccer drills is serious business and it is imperative that coaches take it seriously. Only when you are confident of the practicality and purposeful application of the technique, use it. Following lessons shall aid you in finding the right way of imparting instructions to the kids.

Be very specific in your instructions. It’s a bad idea to impart too many instructions in a single session. This not only results in confusion for the kids but hampers their learning. When the kids don’t understand the instructions, they cannot perform as required, and therefore feel frustrated. It’s therefore failure on your part as a coach.

So, devise a plan. Incorporate in it a few clear cut orders. These orders should not only be simple to understand but easy to perform as well. With soccer drills for kids, it is easy to conduct individual sessions also. This way, kids get to learn the basics of soccer very easily. It helps them to assimilate with the team with a feeling that they form an important part of it.

However, you must not forget that soccer being a team activity, your practice sessions must be a perfect blend of group and individual activities.

Do not keep the training sessions very long in kids soccer drills. If it is otherwise, it is probable that the interest of the kids is lost and they are also tired. Short and simple is the key here. In an ideal world, such a session should not be more than a couple of hours. During this time, include a lot of drills and fun games that sustain the interest of the kids.

When you are teaching soccer drills for youth, keep the progress slow between basic to advanced drills. You will learn that all the kids pick up skills at different degrees. Some learn quickly, others take time. That is OK. If it requires that you divide the boys into batches to make things even, it is good enough. What is not right is to either rush through the sessions or penalize the slow learners.

Understand that kids play soccer for the love of it. It is crucial that you make them learn while enjoying the game.

To conclude, soccer drills should focus on controlling the ball, passing, receiving, dribbling, shooting and so on. You can always include a variety in drills but the important thing to note is that the attention always remains on soccer.

Believe me! As soon as you start to apply these tips to kids soccer drills, you will see how quickly the kids understand the game. Our youth soccer coaching community provides several resources on youth soccer such as articles, videos, newsletters etc. Become a member today and get the leading edge.

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