Sunday, February 28, 2010

Soccer Practice: How To Design Goals For Your Team

You may not agree with me but listen to me. As is true for any other game, soccer also requires that objectives are setup for soccer practice sessions. And it is good to keep updating these goals with time. You are best advised to start working on these objectives before the session starts.

Following goals are common in the sense that they are applicable to everyone whether young or old.

Make it a point that everyone has fun with the game including the coach. This fun element is lost in soccer if you are too serious or rigid in your approach. Always remember that kids play soccer only for fun.

Plus, there are some exact goals.

- Helping the players improve their soccer skills that enable them to play better.

- Making sure that the players are fit.

- Coaching the players about developing a winning outlook.

There is something about triumph that you can educate kids about. Ensure that they understand that as long as they keep playing soccer on the soccer practice field to the best of their abilities, they emerge victorious.

This is important since the kids will get to the field and feel like winners every time. It is not important for them to taste real victories of the big games till the time they grow up a little. At a young age, it is important to help them enjoy the experience rather than get into the dynamics of winning and losing.

One big mistake made by coaches in soccer training is to include countless oral instructions in it. That doesn't help with kids. It’s suitable for their brain to relate to what it sees rather than what it hears. So when you’ve made up your mind to teach something to them, make them copy you by demonstrating it in different forms. That’s precisely what you wish for.

Now when you decide to demonstrate things yourself, this might require you to do some practice before the session. And if you’re not in a position to demonstrate it yourself, do it with the help of an junior coach or a leading player.

Devise drills in such a manner that players get good targets. This makes the drills purposeful and necessitates the player’s involvement in it. Moreover, instruct the players to display these one by one to everyone in the group. This will give them a chance to present their leadership skills in addition to the soccer abilities.

Last of all, it’s important that too much information is not downloaded straightaway. The right way to do is to make them learn and adjust to the first point initially and then take the second point. Such as making the kids learn to get the body in line with the ball as you coach them to manage the approaching ball. When the kids have begun to do this consistently, move to the next.

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