Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kids Soccer Drills: 10 Action ideas To A Winning Team

You must be aware of the fact that in kids soccer drills, it’s essential for the kids to have great fun in playing the game. Drills must be planned and acted upon in such a manner that kid’s interest in always on a rise.

Youth soccer drills are usually simple to improvise but really tough to carry them out. Following are the guiding principles that’ll help you get maximum advantage from the training sessions. It’s an excellent strategy to have the kids practice it often, on way to learning the game.

1. Include both drills and practice games in the sessions. It makes the most sense to have a healthy balance of games and drills that focus on speed, agility and thinking.

2. Keep an eye on the behavior and check that everyone is taking a part in it. In the playing ground, you don’t require different equipments for different drills. This wastes time. Instead choose drills that can be performed with simple cones or disk cones.

3. It’s essential that maximum contacts are made with the ball in a session or in a day. How they play the ball or tackle it will tell you their strengths and weaknesses. As a result you will be able to make individual assessment.

4. When coaching soccer drills for kids, the technique should be your centre of focus. It’s very vital for the players to practice using right method, so that they don’t get habituated to using bad ones. Besides, the lectures should be short to make sure that kids are not bored.

In kids soccer drills, although fresh and energetic, kids generally loose their enthusiasm even before the session begins due to very long pre-briefing sessions. As a coach, this can prove to be costly. So instruct them briefly.

5. Choose the exercises that put some strain on the kids. Create a feel of the real match in training sessions so that kids get to understand the real scenario. This will help them get familiar.

6. The recommended method to take soccer drills for youth is to divide the players into teams and pitch them against each other. This breeds competition and instills a sense of unity among the players.

7. Note down the performances both on an individual as well as group level. Measure the time, stamina, cohesion between players and other things that impact their combined team effort.

8. Ensure that there is competitiveness but no negative energy. How can you get this? Do not design games that have elimination as a criteria. This causes dejection among the players. In such games, everybody is a winner. This fills them with confidence.

9. It is good to have a ball for each player. It is important since we are talking of the kids being able to play with the ball for the most part of their drills.

10. Last but certainly not the least, keep the drills simple, make them enjoyable, and you would have done your duty as a coach.

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