Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tips On Goalkeeping Soccer Coaching Drills

If you are like me, you would say that the goal keeper’s drills are very important in soccer coaching drills. Do you know why it is so? The reason is that goal keeper faces tremendous stress and pressure from opposite team while in the field. It is for this reason that special soccer drills are designed for the goal keepers to polish his focusing and saving skills.

For a goalie to execute his tasks well, he should be fit, quick, and focused. So as a coach, you must pay special attention to choosing the drills for him.

Kick and Throw: As a goalie, you have to kick and throw the ball within 6 seconds straight. Guide your goalie to do this by training him to make a fast and correct Outlet pass. Teach your goalie to make sure that he does not forgo correctness for pace.

The more accurate the pass, the easy it will be for the player receiving the ball to hold it. At the same time, teach your goalie to come to face the penalty area before the pass is made. It would mainly depend on the goalie’s skill to reflect and act quickly.

An important characteristic in teaching soccer is throwing ball to the players. Coach your goalie to throw the ball close to the ground. Make your goalie practice with both moving and stationery players in ground. The chances of a player appropriately grasping the ball may get pretty less if it is far above the ground. Besides, the speed at which the ball is thrown must be greater.

A word of caution here! Do not be over assertive about these exercises with younger players. It is alright if they are taking their time to learn the soccer coaching drills. Being severe with the drills can lead to the kids disliking the exercises.

How big is the field: Another important aspect that needs attention is the size of the field. A general perception is that if the field is big and the farther the ball, the goalie must play the ball farther away from the goal. This makes it difficult for the opponent to hit the ball at a good angle.

Move about in a semi-circle from the center of the goal: Ask the goalkeeper to move in a semi-circle from the center of the goal. This keeps the players geared up for the assault on their goal and also making the passes.

It is also important to train the goalkeeper about judging the speed of the ball. It is not easy to foresee it and hence it must be practiced religiously. Train them to always concentrate on the ball. These soccer coaching tips train your goalie to be adequately speedy and alert.

Do yourself a favor and teach these soccer coaching drills to your future goalies. It will surely result in them getting on a winning path. You can subscribe to many more such useful and super simple tips and techniques on our youth soccer coaching community pages.

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